Touch On Off Circuit Using 555 IC

A tutorial on, how to make a touch control circuit using 555 timer ic, and a few other electronic components.

First, we place a breadboard and connect 5-volt power supply with it.

Now place triple five IC in the center, and connect 5 volts to pin 8 and ground to pin 1, connect a led with 220 ohm resistor, place two switches on the breadboard,

Connect the left switch with pin 2 and ground and connect the right switch with pin 6 and 5 volts. Mark the left switch with ON  and the right with off text. Connect Led on output pin 3 of timer IC.


Circuit Diagram:

Components Required:

Name Quantity Component
U1 1 Timer
P1 1 5 , 5 Power Supply
D1 1 Red LED
2 Pushbutton
R1 1 220 Ω Resistor


How it works:

When we connect trigger pin 2 with the ground the led turns on, and when we connect the threshold pin 6 with 5 volts the led turns off.



  • Light Switch
  • Pump Switch
  • Relay On/Off